Developing your wedding day timeline

Developing your wedding day timeline

As a wedding photographer in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, one of the areas of wedding planning that can make the biggest difference for the final album is the wedding day timeline.

Here are some issues to think about when developing your timeline:

  • First Look
  • Greeting Guests (Most of our clients do not do this)
  • Distance between ceremony and reception locations
  • Family Photo Session
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Garter and Bouquet toss

Preparing for Your Rockstar Engagement Session

Preparing for Your Rockstar Engagement Session

As you prepare for your wedding day photography one of the best things you can do with your photographer is have an engagement session.  Some of the benefits of doing an engagement session are:

  • You get to know your photographer better.
  • By practicing some key poses you are better prepared for wedding day photography.
  • This session will help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Of course, you will receive lots of fun photos to remember your courtship.
  • Many people use the photos in their save the date cards or for additional printed material on wedding day.
  • It is lots of fun.  Just look at some of the photos below.

With all these benefits in mind it makes sense to plan accordingly to get the most out of your engagement session.  Here are some points to ponder if you are planning your engagement session with Matt Mason Photography:

Memorable Wedding Day Moments

Memorable Wedding Day Moments

  There are countless moments on wedding day that you don’t want to miss.   Proper planning leads to capturing the right moment at the right time during your big day.  Here are four key moments to consider integrating into your wedding day.  

(1)  Gift Exchange/ Hand-Written Note

    We wish this happened every wedding.  Some couples take the time before the wedding to plan a special gift or note exchange.  One bride had kept a gum wrapper from high school that her sweetheart had written on and gave it back to him on wedding day.  Sometimes the most powerful gift is a simple letter expressing your love for the other and excitement about the day. 


(2) First Look For the Bride and Her Father

        If you have a special bond with your father, we recommend a “first look” with dad.  It will obviously happen at some point during the wedding day and it planned for, makes for some beautifully emotional images. 


(3)  Grand Exit

    There are a lot of creative ways to have an exit after the ceremony.  There aren't many other moments in a wedding day that can top the emotion found here.  If there is a way to work this into your ceremony, we definitely recommend it!


(4)  Bride & Groom First Look

       We could give you a hundred reasons why we think you should do a first look before the wedding day.  Let me just share my number one reason--try to look at these photos and not love them.

2015 Best-Of Romantics

The Romantic Session is one of the most important parts of a successful wedding photography experience.  It is also potentially one of the best times of the day that we can get creative with lighting, backdrops, and poses.  Below are some of our top favs from 2015 weddings.



2015 Best-Of Details

Details are so much fun for us to shoot.  Every wedding has something unique and interesting to be highlighted.  Here are some of our favs from 2015.


2015 Best-Of Silhouette

At MMP we are suckers for a good silhouette shot. Here are some of our favorites from last year. If you know of one that is missing please remind us. We go through over 80 weddings when we are looking for our best of images so we could have missed a few!


Best-Of 2015 Humor

Many of our clients are drawn to the lighthearted fun we have with with the wedding party.   Here are some of our 2015 favorite fun shots.

2015 Best-Of The Wedding Party

Every year for several weeks we share our favorite photos from the previous year.  Today's post is the Best-Of Wedding Party photos.

2015 Best-Of The Grand Exit

Today's best of post is the "Grand Exit." Whether leaving the church or sometime at the ceremony it's always fun to get a celebration shot of the bride and groom exiting amongst their guests.

Best-Of 2015 The Ceremony

In today's Best-of post we celebrate our favorite ceremony photos from 2015.