There are countless moments on wedding day that you don’t want to miss.   Proper planning leads to capturing the right moment at the right time during your big day.  Here are four key moments to consider integrating into your wedding day.  

(1)  Gift Exchange/ Hand-Written Note

    We wish this happened every wedding.  Some couples take the time before the wedding to plan a special gift or note exchange.  One bride had kept a gum wrapper from high school that her sweetheart had written on and gave it back to him on wedding day.  Sometimes the most powerful gift is a simple letter expressing your love for the other and excitement about the day. 


(2) First Look For the Bride and Her Father

        If you have a special bond with your father, we recommend a “first look” with dad.  It will obviously happen at some point during the wedding day and it planned for, makes for some beautifully emotional images. 


(3)  Grand Exit

    There are a lot of creative ways to have an exit after the ceremony.  There aren't many other moments in a wedding day that can top the emotion found here.  If there is a way to work this into your ceremony, we definitely recommend it!


(4)  Bride & Groom First Look

       We could give you a hundred reasons why we think you should do a first look before the wedding day.  Let me just share my number one reason--try to look at these photos and not love them.