If you have a Life Montage in your package (Mainstream Montage, Fusion Film or Cinema Film) please follow these instructions in order to get the most out of this fun and exciting part of the reception. We need this no later than 30 days before your wedding. Please scan up to 75 images you want us to display as part of the family photo portion of your slideshow. We recommend 25 from the bride’s growing up years, 25 from the groom’s and 25 from together photos and/or friend photos. Please make sure you name them in the order you wish to have us show them. This is how I request you name them: 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, 0003.jpg …. 0024.jpg, 0025.jpg….0075.jpg. (Please do not name them any other “creative” way.)

Please make sure you scan the photos right side up and keep them square on the scanner. Try to scan only the photo and not additional white space. File sizes should be a minimum of 150 kb and preferably bigger.  1920 pixels on the longest side is large enough.  The image should fill your screen when you preview it on your computer.  Otherwise the image will look pixelated when viewed in HD video.  Please upload via DropBox or Google Drive. You can send to my account at: matt@mattmasonphotography.com.

Note that we have our own computer, projector and screen and this comes as part of the service we provide for you. We prefer to use our own equipment for showing the slideshows whenever possible. It helps ensure a quality experience. If your venue has a requirement to use their equipment please let us know.

We have a cable to goes out of our headphone jack to a converter into the DJ or bands mixer as RCA. Please check with your Band or DJ to make sure they can accommodate RCA in. We provide music we have paid for the right to use and publish to the Internet.