This is really important to help the process move quickly and efficiently. We suggest starting with the largest family first and perhaps any difficult situations first. For example, if you have grand parents who are disabled or young children who need a nap lets get them done first. Then work from largest groups to smaller groups. Please assign a family member or two to help us run the checklist. Here is sample checklist:

Smith Side:

  1. Bride, Groom, Mom, Dad, Paul, Mark, Will, Susan, Mary, John
  2. Bride, Groom, Mom, Dad, Paul, Susan
  3. Bride, Groom, Mom, Dad
  4. Bride, Mom, Dad
  5. Bride, Mom
  6. Bride, Dad

Johnson Side:

  1. Groom, Bride, Mom, Dad, Bill, Jake, Sarah, Paul
  2. Groom, Bride, Mom, Dad, Bill,
  3. Groom, Bride, Mom, Dad
  4. Groom, Mom, Dad
  5. Groom, Mom
  6. Groom, Dad
  7. etc.

As far as formatting please keep it as simple as possible.  Often we feel like sending as a plain email with bullet points is perfect.  Please do not use an excel document.

*IMPORTANT: Please note that we follow this checklist very carefully. Every grouping that you want included should be noted. This includes things such as Bride, Mom or Groom with brother, etc.  The reason this is important and cannot be assumed is that we don’t always know about the strains of some relationships or what is truly a photo you really want taken.  We recommend keeping the total number of groupings between 15 and 25.  An average timeframe per grouping is 2 minutes for larger groups.

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