Friday I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot Matt & Megan Paddock’s family portraits at Paradise Springs in Eagle Wisconsin.  We shot their boys and their cousin’s as a Christmas gift to grandma.  The five boys ages 2 to 10 made for quite a challenge trying to corral all that energy and enthusiasm. IMG_1576+++

This is the link to their photos. Click below to see view the rest of the blog.

Come tackle me!  ... Be careful what you wish for.  Noah middle left loves to rough house!  :)IMG_1513

Reed seems like a wonderful little boy.  Love his smile!


This was a waterfall and the the texture in this photo was completely natural. They were the spray coming up from the waterfall!


It seemed like Paradise Springs offered endless natural opportunities for photographic backdrops!



Photojournalism as its best.  Trying to get five boys to all cooperate at the same time is what miracles are about.  My super powers must have been limited on this day.  But I love the fact that I was able to capture dozens of natural "boys will be boys" type shots.




Owen has a mind of his own.  Smiling and looking at the camera must have seemed like someone was asking him to open his mouth and let the dentist pull out a painful tooth.


I think someone camera left was holding a instrument of torture...oh wait that was me with a camera!  Love the look! Thanks Owen because this is my favorite little boy shot of the day!!!!


Despite himself Owen did in fact smile and laugh and have tons of fun.  This photo is evidence!


Luke is precious.  And his huge blue eyes will stop you in your tracks.