What I like the most about Matt is that he is willing to work with you on anything! We had mentioned that getting a lot of family pictures was important to us and he made that happen! I truly believe that whatever our request had been, whether it was certain types of shots, taking pictures in specific locations or requests of multiple outfit changes:), Matt would have made it happen. He was so easy to work with and very accommodating!
We are so grateful to Matt and his staff for making our day so wonderful! The pictures turned out AMAZING, we are constantly getting compliments on them and we are so happy with them. Also, the video fusion he did was AWESOME!!!! I was told by my husband’s aunt that she had never seen a bride and groom video in which all the guests at the wedding were silent because they were so focused and enthralled with watching the video:). Honestly, it turned out better than we could have ever imagined!!!! We are so happy that we will have that video to treasure for years and years:). 
We were provided with so much special attention throughout the day and Jake and Sarah were so great too! Everyone really helped make our day so special! We actually ended up running ahead of schedule (which I don’t think happens often) and in large part it was due to Matt. He was so easy to work with. Even before the wedding, any questions we had he was very responsive and always got back to us right away. There were absolutely no problems on our wedding day and I truly believe that was due to Matt. He did an amazing job and we are so grateful to him for making our day so special. Words will never be able to express our deepest gratitude to Matt for making our day so wonderful!!!

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