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Seven Christmases

I am very proud of my church, Mt. Zion Christian Church. Every year dozens participate in musical performances that takes weeks of dedication and preparation. This year was no exception. Seven Christmases is the story of a couple married in tough economic times in the middle of WWII. He is a pilot and a dreamer and she simply wants a man who provides for his family. When the US enters the conflict he wants to go and follow his dream of piloting and serving his country.

Here is a short highlights video from the musical.









Seven Christmases

I had the privilege of shooting the cast of Seven Christmases last night.  It was fun to use some new equipment and backdrop! These actors are very talented and the musical performances will not disappoint!

Let me invite you to join Mt Zion Christian Church in celebrating the hometown theatrical production of Seven Christmases ~ a nostalgic Christmas story set in the 1900's and told through singing, acting, and dancing....

Performances are Wednesday Dec 2nd through Saturday Dec 5th

All performances begin at 7:00 pm

Admission is free, childcare is available