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Best of 2013-- The First Look

Best of 2013-- The First Look

The first time we mention a "first look" to a bride and groom in our planning session they often respond with concern and hesitation. Isn't this supposed to happen at the ceremony site?

There are a number of reasons why we encourage a "first look" experience prior to the ceremony for the bride and groom, but I'm certain a quick flip through these images will convince you much quicker.  To read more reasons to consider doing a first look take a look at this link.

We love capturing those timeless moments in your life that you, your family and friends can forever cherish. And on a wedding day, the first look is a beautiful opportunity for us to do that. Both have been imaging this moment his whole life. All the winding roads have brought them to this moment where they begin walking together through life hand in hand. And we're there to place you in a quiet, secluded area where you can live out that romantic moment and then re-live it again and again through the photos and videos.

We hope you can share in the joy of these couples and we hope we can share in the joy of capturing the most important moments of your life.

Here's to love and the joy received through it.