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Just glad I am not a BOTWOKER! - Images of snow tricks at Wilmot Mountain

Ryan Bock is cool.  I like him a lot.  Today I had the honor of shooting his senior photos and it turns out he is very talented at skiing and especially tricks and things.  So we went to Wilmot Mountain to shoot photos and tricks of his favorite sport.  Of course, while I waited the 5-7 minutes between his jumps I shot the other snowboarding, skiing crazy people all around me.  So here are the photos I captured.  Video and senior portraits to follow.  By the way, do you know what it means to "pull a 3?"  I didn't either at first.  Ryan let me know that it was short for a 360.  5=540, 7=720 etc etc.  (I should study the language before I go to these things so I don't look like "that old dude."   Even though I was in the skateboarding scene like a hundred years ago I wasn't getting all the lingo.  The good news is my ego can handle it.  Here are some pix

When we were shooting video we actually caught  a "yard sale" as Ryan's helmet went flying during one of his tricks.   Anyway this shoot was "Sick Nasty!"  If you want to see all the images in all their higher resolution glory follow this link.

I'd love to hear feedback and more "clean" ski hill lingo!