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MPTV Guest Appearance: Hard Hitters, the game of racquetball

MPTV Guest Appearance: Hard Hitters, the game of racquetball

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a guest on a MPTV show called Hard Hitters: The Game of Racquetball.  I was the resident amateur racquetball player while all the others were sponsored or professional players.  Intimidated?  No...I was honored to be a part of such an illustrious group of men.

Brant Spiewak one of racquetball's elite sportsmen was our esteemed moderator for the 30 minute show along with Paul Krueger, Tom Griffith, and Dan Hodges.  The show was written to be a good introductory explanation of the game and some key aspects to the game.  I was impressed with how natural Brant was as a moderator, using the teleprompter like an old pro.  It was as if he had once been a weather man or something!

What a fun experience though!  We stepped into the TV studio and were told we need to go to Make Up to get the shine out.  We all took this in stride and actually got a kick out of sitting in the make up room being made up for the show.

Then we went into the TV room and got all  "miked up."  The rehearsal was hilarious.  Brant and these guys were a never ending stream of jokes while we waited anxiously for the show to start.  Below are some photos from that unique experience.