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Ice Boats on Delavan Lake

Ice Boats on Delavan Lake

Ice boats are fascinating to see in January around the Lake Geneva area.  I went out today with my nephew to take photos of the boats at the Delavan Lake Yacht Club where the boats were staged today.  Below are some sample photos from that excursion.

The perfect ice - Ice Boats on Lake Geneva

Before today I thought a "hike" was what a center did when the quarterback yelled the word, or a long walk in the wilderness.  But I experienced a HIKE today on an ice boat called Zephyr III with Bob Mereness at the helm.  In this case a hike is when the boat edges up on two of the three runners.  Ice boats can get up to 100 mph although today I think we were only going about 50, which was plenty fast for this newby! So I started by walking out on transparent ice, so see-through that I felt like I was walking on water.  You could see fish swimming underneath.  I was questioning my own sanity for just a second but then remembered I am committed to getting the shot "no matter what" so I charged on about a 1/4 mile into Lake Geneva with my Canon 5D Mark II with 1080p HD video built in.  It turned out that a monopod and my 24-105 lens was the perfect combination for the video project.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

If this video has trouble loading try Ice Boats on Lake Geneva on YouTube.

Here are some photos I took a couple of years ago of the Ice Boats.