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Polar Plunge in Williams Bay, WI

Polar Plunge in Williams Bay, WI

Every year on January 1, hearty Wisconsinites from the Lake Geneva area gather together on the shores of Williams Bay to engage in mass hysteria.  I believe a given time is chosen because if folks didn't see dozens of other half crazed people about to do the unthinkable they probably wouldn't do it on their own.  However, I do know a few that would!

Below are some photos from this year's mayhem!  I was about 90 seconds late and  by the time I got there, people were running madly back to their cars to get warmed up because it was like 3 below with wind chill!  Crazy people seriously.

Christmas Eve Ice Storm Video // 5D MII video on Geneva Lake

Walworth had quite the Ice Storm on Christmas Eve.   I loved the way the world had this huge transparent coating on it.  So I went out and shot this video and my wife Heather and I wrote a script and Heather narrated it.  I'd love to hear what you think of it!