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Fall Family Portraits

Fusion Photography at Janeville's Rotary Garden

Todd and Jennifer have a wonderful family of five.  We had a blast running around, playing football, jumping in shallow wells and looking for unique and fun places to shoot family portraits.  Here is the link to their family portraits. One of the fun discoveries I had was a private joke the Watters had.  If you say the phrase Fat Chickens everyone gets the best smiles on their faces.  Long story short, the oldest child, Matt one time saw a fat chicken on a road trip and ever since everyone gets a chuckle at the phrase.  I love real smiles!

Shooting in Janesville's Rotary Garden is always a pleasure for me.  Even in the fall/winter it has lots of great architecture and unique foliage.

Family Football Team

Cool Family Photo

Family Celebrating Fall

Human Pyramid

Happy Kids