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Canon 5D MKII & 5D MKIII comparison photos and review

Canon 5D MKII & 5D MKIII comparison photos and review

I was one of the first to own the Canon 5D MIII in Wisconsin on March 19 I drove to Mike Crevellos in Milwaukee, WI to pick up my new camera.  I shot several text shots comparing to the 5D MII.  I used a 25-105 f4 L lens on both cameras.  For the outdoor photos I shot in Landscape mode, ISO 100 and had identical settings on both cameras.  I was hoping to see a greater vibrancy in the blues and greens.  For the indoor photos I shot in increasingly high ISOs with f8 and increased the shutter to maintain a proper exposure.  I used a video light with white shoot through umbrella from Lowell Tota and set a custom white balance to 3200 Kelvin.  I shot all the photos in Large JPG with no editing except to composite the photos next to each other.  When I cropped the photos I cropped them exactly proportional.

MPTV Guest Appearance: Hard Hitters, the game of racquetball

MPTV Guest Appearance: Hard Hitters, the game of racquetball

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a guest on a MPTV show called Hard Hitters: The Game of Racquetball.  I was the resident amateur racquetball player while all the others were sponsored or professional players.  Intimidated?  No...I was honored to be a part of such an illustrious group of men.

Brant Spiewak one of racquetball's elite sportsmen was our esteemed moderator for the 30 minute show along with Paul Krueger, Tom Griffith, and Dan Hodges.  The show was written to be a good introductory explanation of the game and some key aspects to the game.  I was impressed with how natural Brant was as a moderator, using the teleprompter like an old pro.  It was as if he had once been a weather man or something!

What a fun experience though!  We stepped into the TV studio and were told we need to go to Make Up to get the shine out.  We all took this in stride and actually got a kick out of sitting in the make up room being made up for the show.

Then we went into the TV room and got all  "miked up."  The rehearsal was hilarious.  Brant and these guys were a never ending stream of jokes while we waited anxiously for the show to start.  Below are some photos from that unique experience.

Adrienne & Tad Wedding

Adrienne & Tad Wedding

I had the honor of shooting Adrienne & Tad's wedding on Saturday July 10th at Windwood Country Club in Watertown, WI.  The colors Adrienne picked were stunning!  I absolutely loved everything she did to make this wedding unique and gorgeous.  If you would like to view some of my favorite photos from the day follow this link:  Windwood Country Club Wedding.

Just glad I am not a BOTWOKER! - Images of snow tricks at Wilmot Mountain

Ryan Bock is cool.  I like him a lot.  Today I had the honor of shooting his senior photos and it turns out he is very talented at skiing and especially tricks and things.  So we went to Wilmot Mountain to shoot photos and tricks of his favorite sport.  Of course, while I waited the 5-7 minutes between his jumps I shot the other snowboarding, skiing crazy people all around me.  So here are the photos I captured.  Video and senior portraits to follow.  By the way, do you know what it means to "pull a 3?"  I didn't either at first.  Ryan let me know that it was short for a 360.  5=540, 7=720 etc etc.  (I should study the language before I go to these things so I don't look like "that old dude."   Even though I was in the skateboarding scene like a hundred years ago I wasn't getting all the lingo.  The good news is my ego can handle it.  Here are some pix

When we were shooting video we actually caught  a "yard sale" as Ryan's helmet went flying during one of his tricks.   Anyway this shoot was "Sick Nasty!"  If you want to see all the images in all their higher resolution glory follow this link.

I'd love to hear feedback and more "clean" ski hill lingo!

Jon Troast, the best thing since sliced....

I recently had the pleasure of working directly with Jon Troast, the famous but approachable and humble singer song writer from Lake Geneva, WI.   We created a music video based on the song "Living Room Tour." In 2008 Jon performed 100 living room concerts in 100 days. This music video helps tell the story that was inspired by his adventure. A special thanks to Josh Pilman and Brian Slawson for their help in shooting. The video was shot entirely on a Canon 5D MII. Also, thanks to Jason and Ruth Arndt for the use of their living room and to Cooper the wonderful dog who starred in the video.

You can view video at

We were published on Walworth County Today's Video Blog today too!

Seven Christmases

I am very proud of my church, Mt. Zion Christian Church. Every year dozens participate in musical performances that takes weeks of dedication and preparation. This year was no exception. Seven Christmases is the story of a couple married in tough economic times in the middle of WWII. He is a pilot and a dreamer and she simply wants a man who provides for his family. When the US enters the conflict he wants to go and follow his dream of piloting and serving his country.

Here is a short highlights video from the musical.









Fell Family Fusion

Every year for as long as I can remember I have had the privilege to shoot the Fell Family.  And every year they come back for more.  I love the whole family!  Here is the link to their images. It has been a fun few weeks refining my new fusion videos.  Here is another excellent example where we combine HD video with our favorite images from the photoshoot.