Jen and Zack are easy going and fun to be with.  We met up Sunday in Harvard, IL to take some off-beat, fun and different photos.   Just my style.  On my way into town I spotted a fire escape and was immediately excited.  I love urban grunge especially with cool subjects like this couple. So we started out shooting on train tracks (risk number one.)  I don't know what it is about train tracks but I just like em'!  Then we jumped in the car to warm and found the fire escape (risk number two.)  This was the best fire escape I have seen yet because there was a fire escape right across the street where I could shoot at the same level from.  Very nice.  Then we found a cool alley way with the largest ice cycle I have ever seen and I realized that Zack was the kid on the playground the other kids would always dare to lick the ice pole in freezing weather.  I asked to confirm my suspicions and he admitted it.  Risk three was trying to make that photo work and it didn't really make it into the top 50 photos for the day.

Next stop was the transition from urban grunge to rural grunge in an abandoned barn.  (risk four) I LOVE abandoned buildings!  Something about them draws out the kid in me.  So we traipsed around looking for cool things to shoot.  I found a tire and laid down in the snow to get the shot.  (Dropped my stupid keys and we had to come back and find them later!)  Then (I couldn't believe it) but Jen and Zack agreed to go up on the hayloft and shoot.  There was actually a shaky broken ladder and evidence of animals living up there (use your imagination).  (Risk five and six)

Then to top off the risk chart they climbed up on rafters and "skooched" on their rears to get in the right position for the shoot. (risk seven)

So Jen and Zack win the award for the most number of risks taken in an engagement session.  Thanks you two for indulging my inner grunge.  I hope you like the photos as much as I do!

Here are some images from the risk taking Jen and Zack engagement session.