It was crazy.  Driving along in Williams Bay today with my friend Tim Schanke we passed a lone cyclist riding a mountain bike with a huge backpack on.  We both did a double take because we knew immediately what this meant.  The dude was doing a serious trek across state lines carrying his gear.  This was powerful to us because both of us have done our share of cross country cycling. So we stopped and waited for Benjamin Allen Best to catch up and talk to us a bit.  Here is a photo I took with my camera phone.

Benjamin Allen Best

You can read more about Benjamin's travels on his Blog:

Crossing the country on a bike is hard enough in warm weather.  Crossing the country on a bike in sub freezing and snow on the ground is suicidal but hey I am an extreme guy and this guy's determination made me stop and I had to learn more.  Apparently he has ridden through all 48 states three plus times in the last five years.  He is doing this as a way to raise awareness for fallen and lost soldiers.  Wow!