Here are some surefire ways to throw your wedding photographer for a loop. Follow these easy 8 steps and you will completely fluster the creative genius of even the best wedding photographers on the planet.


1. Try to get all your wedding photos done in 28 minutes or less. 2. About four minutes into the family photo session (in front of all 100 if your extended family) say something like, “Can we pick up the pace?” Make sure you have a little attitude thrown in there too. 3. At some point during the wedding party photos when the photographer is about to set up for one of her favorite poses wag one finger at her and say “no no no no, we are doing that!” 4. After months of emphasizing how important photography is to you say something like, “I am really getting sick of pictures, can we just be done.” 5. If you really want to sabotage your treasured wedding album try this….let the groomsman start drinking around 11am and make sure they are getting pretty drunk by the time you need to shoot wedding party photos. This ensures that the photos will take three times as long. 6. Ask to look at the preview on the photographer’s camera every five or six shots and say something like, “don’t you think I look fat in that one.” Or “can’t you do something with the lighting in here!” 7. This is a good one. Ask the photographer to arrive 2 hours early and then show up 30 minutes late with no phone call. That will really get him nervous before the shoot. 8. When your friend from college with a cheap point and shoot keeps jumping out during formals to get a shot be sure to encourage her and keep looking away just as the photographer snaps the photo.

Obviously I am poking fun at real life situations. I love this stuff and I thrive on the chaos….to a point. My goal is to help you have the very best day you can on your wedding day. But whether you hire me or not think about the photographer and help them by cooperating and working with them. You want them to be successful so be kind and thoughtful to them and everything will go much more smoothly as a result.