To view the Bruursema's family photos click here.Rooftop Chicago My wife and I first met Kevin and Gillian back in college. Kevin and I quickly became best of friends and have stayed that way ever since. At least once a year I get a chance to capture a family photo for the Bruursema family (pronounced Brrr-SMA). However, I have never had the chance to spend 90 minutes with all the right lighting and scenery and so my photos always felt more like snapshots than portraits. So this is my first professional family portrait of the Bruursema clan.

We met up in Chicago and started by capturing a skyline shot from the roof top of a 35 story building. Then we made our way to a park, stopping by an alley and a cool doorway. All in all this became one for the books. Thanks Bruursemas for giving me the honor of capturing your family portrait! This is a good example of a family fusion package.

Here are some of my favorite images from that shoot:




Rooftop Chicago

Park Portrait

Matt in Action