A great deal of stress comes to brides when the forecast says rain. This is especially true for outdoor weddings. It is understandable but I have been amazed at the number of times the forecast calls for rain and even when it pours in the morning then turns beautiful later in the day. I have found that rain in the morning leads to the most beautiful skies later in the day. Just take a look at these real weddings where it poured earlier in the in the day.

rain collage

pray-for-rain-03 pray-for-rain-02However, if it actually does rain on your day consider these alternatives for getting cool photos with your wedding party. Find a cool hotel. I especially like to find hotels with atriums with skylights. That way you can get natural light even during the rain. Here is a fun example. The minister was a close friend and he is pretending to pray for rain.

Other solutions for a rainy day include gazebos, museums, matching umbrellas (these are fun even if it doesn’t rain!), buy a Wedding Knot … comes in all sizes!, embrace the rain and do an impromptu trash the dress session with all your bridal party…even consider mud wrestling. But seriously look around and get into a problem solving mode and you will find that rain isn’t the end of the world.