emotional-01Recently I have begun to cry at some of my weddings. Ok so I am not weeping or anything but I get choked up and emotionally into all that is happening. Here is an example of an emotionally charged moment for me. Rick sang a song he wrote and composed to his bride. Nice Rick…very NICE!

emotional-02Ok this one really got to me. Bethany & Brian, the passion and love they showed in this photo blew me away.

Corley & Brian made me cry in tears of laughter when the minister dropped the ring through the cracks in the outdoor decking. Well…at first I was as shocked as everyone else. Corely yelled out, “oh no” and everyone held their breath until they began to laugh and a groomsman’s ring became immediately available and actually fit! Then it became a fun happening.

Jamie & Jason made me proud to be an American. Jason thanks for your service to our country. They are now serving in Alaska!